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We have a tradition at home...This is our way to connect with each other and also with the child within us.
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We have a tradition at home. Every time a new cartoon movie comes to the theatre, we, as a family HAVE to go and watch it. This is our way to connect with each other and also with the child within us.


Sadly, the last few cartoon movies we watched were not so engaging or entertaining. Let me be honest, I didn’t like them. Though, our kiddo loved them all! When my husband announced “I am booking tickets for COCO!” I was skeptical. I wasn’t aware of what the movie is all about and what to expect from it. But a tradition is a tradition. I agreed thinking, it’s ok. So what the movie may not be good, I will get to spend quality time with the husband and the daughter. We will connect with each other closely again and have a great outing together.

My daughter was very excited… she came from school one evening and said one of her friend had already watched the movie and she now knows the story. I listened to her, however didn’t ask her for the details of the story.

Cut to the Sunday… we settled down on our seats in the theatre. The movie started with a 25 mins long ‘Frozen’ Christmas sequence. We kept wondering did we come for the wrong movie! In fact my husband checked the tickets again to be sure that we came for the right movie 😀

Finally after a looooong wait the movie started. The beginning narrative set the tone of the rest of the movie. It came across as humorous, creative and wise at the same time.

The protagonist, Miguel, is a young boy who loves music and wants to pursue the same, but his family prohibits music, due to some unpleasant incidents that happened generations earlier. The boy has no clue why his entire family is dead against music. He keeps asking himself, why can’t he pursue his dreams of becoming a musician? Why can’t his family understand? Why does he have to do what his family wants him to do?

We all face such questions in our life, don’t we? What do we do to pursue our dreams? What steps do we take? Do we find a way or do we give in to our family pressure?

What does Miguel do to pursue his dreams? He REBELS. He runs away from home to play at a music competition. When his family finds out, they try to prevent him forcefully. The more his family stops him from doing what he loves, the more he rebels.

Eventually, due to various incidents, he comes to know of the real reason behind his family’s extreme aversion to music (No, I am not telling you the entire story. You need to watch this movie with your family.) When he comes to know of the reason, he understands how important it is to be connected to the family and have their blessings in whatever one does. He realizes pursuing one’s dreams are equally important to be connected to family. Have their full support in whatever he does.

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At the same time the family understands his real passion for music. They realize how important it is to let a child flourish in his/her own way. Not necessarily every time there will be a mishap around music. This realization helped them to change their opinion about prohibition of music. They let him play music, with a promise that he will NOT ignore his family for pursuing him passion.

After a long time we saw a great cartoon movie. Not only did we connect with each other during the movie because it was hilarious, it also reinforced the values in us about being close to our family and take them along when we are on a journey to pursue our dreams.

It’s amazing to see how a cartoon movie that is meant for kids can help us learn so much, apart from the entertainment it provides.

  • It reminds, pursuing one’s dream is extremely important for a happy, healthy and content life. The transformation Miguel has when he starts playing music is extremely satisfying to see.
  • It reminds, that though it is important to pursue our dreams, lying to our family and hiding things from them can put you into trouble. Like Miguel falls in trouble just because he hid things from his family.
  • The traditions in every family is formed due to various past experiences. It is important to pass on the reasons for forming these traditions to the next generation very clearly. The onus lies on the older generation to pass on the baton well. In Miguel’s case, the family entrusted the decision on the younger generation without really explaining the reason behind the decision.
  • Not necessarily assumptions come true always. We need to communicate and connect to validate those assumptions. Both Miguel and his family assumed various things without necessarily validating the same, hence the communication and connection broke.
  • A family can truly live happily provided each and every member of the family feels loved, secure, happy and connected. At the end when all the misconception disappeared and everyone was  allowed to nurture their needs to grow and prosper, the whole family felt super happy and content.

Sometimes I wonder movies can really provide brilliant learnings. In fact, I am going to share my own story of being a person like Miguel, to making sure my family is fully aligned with my dreams and aspirations… during my upcoming Preview Seminar on 17th December.

Have you booked your slots for the same? We only have limited slots. 

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