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Srijata is still that little girl from a small town in India; free-spirited, fierce and fun. Though she had a humble beginning she never shied away from taking risks. Her risk-taking nature put her through numerous setbacks in life, yet her spirit always guided her to stir success out of every setback.

Whether it was professional, startup, educational, personal or relationship setbacks, she has always found a way to rise up from the ashes. That’s why today after 20 longs years of experience, she is considered the setback leadership expert and helps thousands of others today to craft successes from their own setbacks.

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How Leaders Turn Their Setbacks into Successes. And How You Can, Too!

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Setback Leadership

How a business leader can turn their setbacks into successes to optimize their full potential at their workplace and in life.

Second Chance!

How can a women leader leverage their day-to-day challenges to propel them towards personal and organizational success?

Setbacks are Awesome

A student’s guide to embracing challenges, mistakes and failures, and turning them into a career and personal success.

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