2020 is going to be a year of Action for me

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This is a ritual I have been following for the last few years. 

The last week of the year, I spend quality time with family and also sit down to create a blueprint for the upcoming year. Which generally has my goals (Goals and NOT Resolution) for the entire year. Each goal is then broken into tiny pieces of action that helps me achieve what I want to achieve throughout the year. 

December 2018 I created my goals for 2019 and there were 20 tasks. Out of which I achieved 80% of them. Some of the goals became a low priority over the course of the year and some were redundant, hence working on them didn’t make sense. But the point is, the majority of the goals were achieved, and that’s only because I set a clear intention to set my focus on things I wanted to achieve, instead of leaving on fate. 

Here is how I generally set my goals. 

  • Focusing on WHY I want to achieve a certain goal in that year? – Answering this question helps me understand the underlying passion and emotion behind a certain goal. It helps me identify my core needs and fuels me to keep on working towards a certain goal. 
  • WHAT exactly I would want to achieve in the year? – This helps me define the specific goal in clear and concrete terms. This helps me remove the ambiguity from the goal. For example: Instead of saying I want to lose weight, I would say I want to feel more fit, having an increase in my stamina and energy levels. 
  • HOW will I achieve the goals? – This calls for action. Generally, I list down a bunch of actions I need to take to achieve a certain goal. Each of these actions is small tiny things that I can do on a daily basis, regularly. For example: Walk for 20 mins daily. 
  • What is the END STEP of each goal and by when? – This is where I write down results and the end date for each goal. How would I know that I have achieved a goal? How would I know that I have become more fit and increased my stamina and energy levels? And, what is my timeline for this? For example, When I start light while I climb up the stairs. And I would need to have this by 31st March 2020. 

As usual, my 2020 goals are ready and locked. And I am sharing this here because; 1. To increase my accountability to complete these goals. 2. To encourage others to create their goals and 3. To collaborate with others with similar goals, so that we can support each other to achieve these goals. 

Here are my goals. In case you have similar goals and you want to have an accountability partner, feel free to write to me at srijata@srijatabhatnagar.com

Professional Goals:

  1. Expand me as a professional speaker – Do more speaking gigs, especially around my niche expertise, Setback Leadership. Travel to 12 countries in 2020 for speaking. Collaborate with others and create complementary programs. Start Setback Leader’s Worldwide – Podcast and video series. 
  2. Make Setback Leadership a phenomenon – Be vocal about the concept in various platforms because it is important for human life, their success and happiness. Write blogs on various forums on this subject. Actively work on awareness about the potential of setbacks and learning from them. Write two more books on Setback Leadership for a particular target audience.
  3. Coach only 10 people throughout the year – This year I want to concentrate on coaching only a few people who truly want to make a significant difference in their lives. This is a conscious choice I have made because I see many people want to make a significant change in their lives, yet are afraid of taking action. I want to only work with people who are truly ready to take that action.  

Personal Goals:

  1. Focus on my physical fitness to increase my stamina and endurance – I will work on my physical fitness this year so that physical stamina increases along with energy levels and endurance. I need to strengthen my lower body as my thigh muscles and knees are weaker compared to my age.   
  2. Enhance my awareness quotient about myself and my triggers – Especially towards negative emotions, situations and outbursts. Work on releasing negative emotions more productively. I have been practising this for a while now, I want to make this more intense. Earlier, I had anger management issues. Now I know how to channelize the same anger productively. One thing that I need work on is, stop having external expectations. 
  3. Practice more Self Love – I have been practising self-love way more than average Indian women, however, it’s important to keep practising it regularly and making it a conscious intention. I pledge to practise more self-love and stop being critical about my decisions and actions. 

Family Goals:

  1. Spend quality time with family – Even though I have balanced my professional and personal time quite well, I think a conscious choice to keep it going like this is important. It is very easy to ignore family when you have ambitious goals professionally. Hence, this is going to be at the top of my mind throughout the year. 
  2. Raising a happy, secure and confident child – Yes, one of my biggest projects is raising Ruhee as a happy, secure confident child. A child who believes in love, equality and unity in diversity in true sense. A child who understands the meaning of ‘humanity’ and practices it consciously. 
  3. Spend quality time with parents and provide them with the emotional support they need – Aged parents are equally delicate like a child. Spending quality time with them is what they need, along with emotional support that they need to keep them going. 

Travel Goals:

  1. Travel these 12 countries on professional assignments. Yes, I have already taken the first few steps to take my speaking career global by speaking at the Global Authors Summit, Manila, the Philippines in Nov 2019. In 2020, I want to travel to Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Dubai, Turkey (Istanbul), South Africa, Mexico, China, Egypt, Rusia, UK and France to expand me as a professional speaker.
  2. Three Holidays with the family. Take three different holidays with Aneesh and Ruhee. I believe family holidays are one of the best ways to bond with the family and spend quality time. Hence, travelling together in every opportunity is one of my goals for 2020.
  3. Send parents to West Bengal for a long Holiday. They have been wanting to go back to their hometown for quite a few years now, and they haven’t been able to their health issues. This year I will make sure to send them for this long-awaited trip.

I am keen to hear about your goals and how you plan to achieve them? What actions are you taking? Would you like to collaborate or partner with me to achieve similar goals together? Because the support of a team always pays off. 

If yes, do let me know at srijata@srijatabhatnagar.com and let’s support each other achieve our goals together in 2020. 

Wish 2020 becomes one of the best years of your life! 

Happy New Year and a Happy New Decade! 

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