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Why ‘I don’t have a choice’ is a menace?

I asked one of my cousin why was he marrying the person he didn’t approve of, he said, “I have no choice but to marry the girl whom my parents have chosen for me. How can I upset them when they have toiled for 27 years to bring me up? Now I want to make them happy.”

What’s your Blueprint for 2018?

I was having conversation with a client a couple of days before the New Year’s Eve. I asked him, “So how was your 2017?” To which he answered “IT WAS TERRIBLE!” Immediately, I probed further…

Kashmir – The enriched Adventure! (Part II)

What followed for the next 4 hours was nothing short of an adventurous sequence from one of the Bollywood flicks! There was practically no road to access this place. Horses were climbing steep Pine forests randomly. The climb was steep, slippery and to say the least, SCARY!

Kashmir… The Prelude (Part I)

When a long term desire is about to come true one got to be excited. So was I, when we decided to visit Kashmir during the Summer holidays of 2017.
When the word spread that we were going to Kashmir, people had all sorts of things to say…

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