Book - Setback Leadership

How leaders turn their setbacks into successes. And how you can, too!

“Every setback has the potential to be a leadership breakthrough. Are you tapping into that potential?”

At some point or the other in life, everybody goes through terribly tough times. Most people get stumped by these; they don’t know how to handle them. Plagued by negative emotions such as sorrow, anxiety, fear and self-doubt, they struggle to get back on their feet and find their way through life again. But the truth is, on the other side of setbacks lie great rewards. True leaders know this. Which is why they see every setback as an opportunity for personal transformation to achieve exponential success. This book brings forth stories of such incredible leaders, who have turned their setbacks into breakthroughs. As you read their stories, you will learn the tools, techniques and strategies used by them. In turn, this will equip you to handle your setbacks like a pro – and, turn every adversity into an opportunity of a lifetime!
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11th November 2019
Sagar Amlani
Sagar Amlani
Simple tips to overcome setback in life
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This book covers amazing stories of various leadership and their failures. How and What did they do to overcome those setbacks to reach new heights. It was so inspiring to read about Brandi Benson and how she fought an emotional setback where her husband left her while she was going through cancer. She not only survived cancer but become the CEO of Resume Advantage. 9 Chapters , cover amazing personalities and their learning, provides actionable for readers. The reflection at the end of every chapter gives a complete overview and helps readers to use them in their lives. It’s a must for every individual who wishes to learn from others and excel in life. A Must Read
Nikhil Chaudhary
Nikhil Chaudhary
Awesome read! Must have in your library
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This is by far one of the best reads of 2019. Highly recommend this book to everyone and especially a must read for children and teenagers who are so afraid of failures that they get tempted to take wrong steps. Every entrepreneur or aspiring businessmen should also read this book not to make mistakes in a run to quick success. Every parent must read this book to make their children strong and prepare for the inevitable blows that life will give you anyways. In short a very well written useful book and I look forward to edition 2 of this book
Get to know that Failures and setbacks are inevitable
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I read "the Setback Leadership". I took some additional time more than what have planned. I could able to get inspiration from almost all the people that you have interviewed. Among various lines, this one got me totally "I had stopped loving myself, simply because someone else had stopped loving me. And because I had stopped loving myself, I felt the world had stopped loving me". Whenever I feel down, I have a few pages and lines marked, that help me in getting back to form. Overall, thank you so much for such a wonderful book.
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