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As promised I am sharing the learning from the recent session by Mr Viiveck Verma at #PSAIHyderabad meetup. Viiveck is the licensee and curator of TEDx Hyderabad, which is in its 5th year now. TEDx Hyderabad is one among the top TEDx events in the world and one of the best in India.

The numbers speak for themselves as they say.

Initially, I was thinking it will be a generic meetup, but the moment Viiveck started sharing his thoughts and the insider stories about the stringent rules leading TEDx events genrally follow, everyone was glued in. 

Most of us have TEDx in our vision boards and bucket lists. I have it too. 

Some of my beliefs about TEDx got shattered yesterday. Before I share my learning I have a couple of questions for you… Why do you want to be a TEDx Speaker? What’s the objective and what outcome are you aiming for?

Before listening to Viiveck, I wanted to appear on TEDx because it’s a cool thing to do and it would get me an awesome tag of a TEDx Speaker. I thought if I appear on TEDx my credibility would increase and I would get more business. However, after listening to Viiveck, my entire perspective changed! 

Let me share the learning from yesterday;

  • There are 3 levels of TEDx licenses that are given to the public and each come with stringent rules and regulations. The licenses are given only for a year. If the event is not up to the mark, licenses get revoked next year. There is a 147-page guideline document that needs to be followed diligently for the event to be up to the mark, the video quality and content needs to be approved by TED to be uploaded for the public view. The first level of TEDx is the college level, then it is the area level, finally the city level. There is also a corporate TEDx, but those are for their internal audience. College-level TEDx is generally a 100 attendee event. Whereas a city level TEDx can have a much larger target audience. For example, TEDx Hyderabad is hosting a 3000 seater event this year. Therefore choosing the right set of audience is important while picking a TEDx to speak at. 
  • Few TEDx does not allow speaker nominations, including TEDx Hyderabad. They feel the speaker’s credibility should speak out by itself. In fact a lot of TEDx body’s blacklist people who nominate themselves as the speaker. This is great to know tip, to be careful about where you want to apply to speak. 
  • TEDx Hyderabad not only curates the speakers, but they also curate the audience, for the largest impact. They believe that if an idea needs to expand, people should first understand that idea. Therefore, the right audience is a must. 
  • TEDx Hyderabad takes a lot of effort in curating the right speech so that the message is crystal clear. For this, they put in a lot of emphasis on rehearsals. Every speech is rehearsed multiple times, and a full dress rehearsal is a must.

After his talk, with a changed perspective, I have decided to concentrate on my contribution to the world through my work and let TEDx happen on its own. Now I believe when it has to happen, it will happen. Till then, let my work do the job. 

What is that running in your mind? Do share your thoughts, I would love to know. 

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