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Setback Leadership Expert

Working with leaders to turn setbacks into successes to optimize their full potential.


Duration: Flexible (Min 30 mins to Max 5-6 hours)

Format: Keynote / Masterclass / Workshop / Coaching


In today’s diversified world, it has become even more important that organisations have a fair diversity in their workforce, especially at higher levels. In such a situation, women should be able to utilize the same challenge as an advantage for organisational and personal growth. But how?

What if they were equipped with tools, techniques and strategies that help them turn this challenge to their favour and help them speed up their professional growth? Would it propel them towards higher goals and excellence, giving your organisation the ability to become diverse and at the same time nurture the unique talents and capabilities of them?

Through her exclusively designed program, Srijata works on helping women identify the ways they can make their presence felt. She also teaches them the tools that help them leverage the setbacks in a way that helps them succeed from the challenges they face.


  • Participants have an increased sense of awareness about their challenges and start looking at these as opportunities for excellence, instead of hindrances of growth.
  • They learn how to use their challenges as a propeller for professional and personal growth.
  • They identify and learn to use the tools and techniques that help them sensitize others about women’s challenges and capabilities.
  • They learn to take step-by-step self-guided regular actions and stop looking for an external problem solver. 
  • They start converting their unfavourable circumstances into favourable ones, making them the true setbacks leaders.
  • Finally, you have a happier and diverse workforce who are driven and invincible.

Who should attend

Women leaders of the organisation, ideally who are thought to be struggling with discrimination of any kinds and because of which they find it difficult to grow. 

Batch size: 30 – 100 participants 

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