Duration: Flexible (Min 30 mins to Max 5-6 hours)

Format: Keynote / Masterclass / Workshop / Coaching


Do you notice a sudden dip in the performance of your Rockstar leader? Or some of your employees are scraping through? They may be going through a challenge that is much more severe than it looks on the surface!

A perfectly normal leader’s performance may turn southward due to a professional or personal setback they are facing. But the same setback could be the turning point for them to write a different kind of leadership style of their own, when they know how to turn their setbacks into their successes.

In her talk, Srijata will share some of the technique’s world leaders from various walks of life use to turn their setbacks into their successes and how your leaders and employees can too.


  • Participants start looking at a setback as an opportunity for exponential growth and performance, instead of a roadblock.
  • They learn to fast track their growth using challenges as a propeller.
  • They identify and learn to use the tools and techniques that will turn their challenges into success.
  • They learn to take step-by-step self-guided actions and stop looking for external solution providers.
  • They believe that they are invincible setback leaders and stop feeling like victims.
  • Finally, your organisation can create a driven and confident set of employees who are ready to perform to their full potential, no matter what challenges they are presented with.

Who should attend:

Leaders who need to deal with different kinds of business, performance and team related challenges.

Batch size: 30 – 100 participants (Flexible)

Arrangements to be made:

  • Projectors and speakers for showing audio/visual content.
  • High-Speed internet connection.
  • Wireless Headset Microphone
  • Outstation travel and stay to be arranged by the organization.


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