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Setback Leadership Expert

Working with leaders to turn setbacks into successes to optimize their full potential.


Duration: Flexible (Min 30 mins to Max 5-6 hours)

 Format: Keynote / Masterclass / Workshop / Coaching


Today’s students are living in a very difficult time, thanks to the abundance of unfiltered information flow, unnecessary peer pressure and their own drive to be better and do better, taking its toll on them. I am sure you are taking every care possible to prepare them for success. What about the inevitable failures they will be facing once they are out of their insulated cocooned world? Are they prepared for it?

In her especially designed program for the outgoing students of your institute, Srijata works with them to sensitize them about the outer world. She helps them get familiar with the challenges they may be facing and also helps them identify tools and techniques that will help them turn every challenge into an opportunity for growth and success.


  • They are sensitized about the various challenges they may face once they are out in the open world and are prepared to deal with them confidently.
  • They learn to look at challenges as a good thing instead of being afraid of setbacks.
  • They identify and learn to use the tools and techniques that will turn their challenges into success.
  • They learn to take step-by-step self-guided actions and stop looking for someone else to solve their problems.
  • They start believing in themselves to solve their own problems, instead of feeling like victims and getting disheartened.
  • Finally, your institute brings out students who are true setback leaders who will increase the success rate for your institute.

Who should attend:

Outgoing students of your institute.

Batch size: 30 – 100 participants

Arrangements to be made:

  • Projectors and speakers for showing audio/visual content.
  • High-Speed internet connection.
  • Wireless Headset Microphone
  • Outstation travel and stay to be arranged by the Institute.

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