Setbacks/Success: Two Sides of the Same Coin

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Setbacks and Success are two sides of the same coin! Don’t believe me? Read on…

For the last 50 days, my health has been taking me on multiple roller coaster rides. Not that I am fond of roller coasters, and especially when it is with your own physical health, let me tell you it isn’t a pleasant ride for sure.

One day I am perfectly fine, another day I am being grounded thanks to the back pain I would be enduring. One day I feel the best of my spirits, the next day I am in my lowest of low. Low haemoglobin of 7.4 meant low energy levels, frequent tiredness and severe exhaustion. On top of that, the returning back pain was killing me at regular intervals. If I had to put a percentage of my activeness, it would probably be just around 25% of my full capacity. 

BUT, it’s the same 50 days that bought some of the best achievements for me.

  1. My book Setback Leadership debuted in the World Book Fair, Delhi. A dream that I have dreamt since I was a child.
  2. Received numerous positive reviews about the book, much to my pleasant surprise.
  3. Spoke at the PSS (Professional Speakers Summit) 2020, one of the best events in India for professional speakers. The best part was, I was approached by the organizers, not the other way around. 
  4. My pitch at the PSS 2020 was termed to be the best among whose who of the speaking world. Another pleasant surprise. 
  5. Met some incredible people and made amazing friends from around the world in these 50 days.
  6. Kicked out one of the items in my bucket list with the majestic Taj Mahal visit.
  7. Completed my latest Keynote for women leaders,  “Second Chance! – How women leaders can leverage their day-to-day challenges to propel them towards personal and professional success.”
  8. Got featured in The Hindu, one of leading national daily of India.
  9. Got numerous leads for speaking, coaching and mentoring, thanks to my wolf pack.
  10. Helped numerous people create their Speaking niche and Speaker One-sheet.

And many more of them! 

Thanks to the Setback Leadership techniques that helped me focus on the right things at the right time without getting bogged down by the overwhelming attention that health demanded. Else I would have produced the worst 50 days of my life.  

As I ponder over these 50 days, I realise that Setback and Success are simply the two sides of the same coin. All we need to do is to respond to them in a manner that is the most productive and least frictional. 

Have you ever faced a prolonged lull period in your professional or personal life? How do you still get the best out of the situation? Would love to know your thoughts. 

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